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Sternberg Reed’s Business Dispute Department “Hammers” home another victory for a local business

Sternberg Reed’s Business Dispute Resolution Department, achieve a great success for a small business owner in the Barking area.

Elliot Hammer Business Law Solicitor
Elliot Hammer – Sternberg Reed


Sternberg Reed prides itself on supporting small businesses in and around Essex, particularly Barking, Romford, Grays and Stratford.

We were recently successful in defending one of Barking’s favourite family restaurants, Tarancuta, from a claim brought by a Manchester company RVA Surveyors Ltd.

Sternberg Reed’s Elliot Hammer, was the lead solicitor on the case. He persuaded Deputy District Judge Roger sitting at Romford County Court that RVA’s contract was not “legally binding or enforceable”. Subsequently he also obtained a £3,508 costs award on behalf of Tarancuta. This was a huge sum by the standards of the small claims Court. DDJ Roger found that RVA’s behaviour was “tantamount to unreasonable conduct” in his judgement.

Following the hearing, the owner of Tarancuta, Lili Baston, said, “I feel so happy, the nightmare is over”.

Elliot is quoted in the Mirror saying, “I was very pleased once again to successfully defend a small business against RVA and would be happy to do so again”. A full online story can be found here

You could say Sternberg Reed “Hammered” home that we will resolutely defend any local Essex business and if you need legal support please email and we can offer a free consultation.

Elliot Hammer is a solicitor in the Business Services Department here at Sternberg Reed, specialising in all aspects of Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution. If you want to find out more and see how Elliot and Sternberg Reed could help you, click HERE

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This article does not constitute legal advice and you should contact us directly if you are facing a similar situation.

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