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Coroner’s Inquest finds Neglect

Coroner’s Inquest finds Neglect

A recent Coroner’s Inquest finds neglect, concluding that a baby died as a result of serious failings at Basildon Hospital in 2018. These failings included bed shortages, delay in a caesarean section resulting in a breech birth, staffing shortages, communication and triage issues.

Tragically in this case it resulted in the baby, Enis Pecaku, being starved of oxygen during the delivery. His parents having to make the heart breaking decision to turn off his life support system the following day.

His mother, Ms Davies, heard the Coroner say that his death was contributed to by neglect.


Recently the Care Quality Commission investigated the hospital following the death of a mum and her baby[1]. The CQC report in July 2019 states that complaints about maternity services amount to 7% of all complaints. Their report concluded that “maternity services ratings for safe had declined from good to require improvement. There had been a decline in safety practices in relation to women who were assessed as ‘high risk’ and the leadership team.”[2]

At Sternberg Reed parents regularly approach us in regards to the maternity services at Basildon Hospital. Parents who have questions about the treatment they received. In most instances, it’s the urge to obtain answers and get closure which is the driving factor. More importantly, it’s also about ensuring that failings in care, be it neglect or negligence, are brought to people’s attention.  This can then ensure that lessons can be learnt and the possibilities of it happening to others are reduced.

Our Medical Negligence Team consists of a Medico Legal Nurse Advisor. They provide us with an unparalleled insight into medical cases and the inner workings of the NHS. We can review case notes and explain to you what happened and what steps should be taken, particularly in regards to the NHS Complaints process. The ultimate aim, is to reduce the times a Coroner’s Inquest finds neglect.

Dr Darren Conway PhD is a Solicitor in our Medical Negligence Department here at Sternberg Reed, specialising in helping those who have suffered an avoidable injury in a medical setting. If you want to find out more and see how Sternberg Reed could help you, click HERE

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For more information regarding NHS complaints process, please click HERE.


This article does not constitute legal advice and you should contact us directly if you are facing a similar situation.



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