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Christmas and avoiding the Social Media Dog house…

Social Media Dog
Christmas Social Media Dog

Office Christmas parties are in full swing. For some, it is a new experience, for others, they’ve seen it all before.

However, a lot of people are still making the same mistakes when it comes to social media and what they should, and should not be sharing around Christmas. Every year this subject crops up, mainly because with the rise in social media. What people get up to at the office party can be shared and captured within seconds, for the whole world to see which can turn into an HR and PR nightmare!

So, just to keep things simple, and to make sure no one has to go through disciplinary proceedings in the New Year, here are some easy things to keep in mind…

Keep it simple:


  • Don’t post anything when you’ve had a few! Seriously… put the phone down and wait till your head is clear the next morning! Homer had it right when he said: “alcohol is the solution to – and cause of – all of the world’s problems”. (That’s Homer Simpson, not the Greek Poet as I’m sure some of you would have realised). Too much of the liquid stuff and all inhibitions go out the window! Before social media, this situation had little impact on things for the majority of people and things could slip under the radar. Now, things can be shared across social media within seconds for all to see.
  • Remember, you’re never “off duty”. No matter what the event. If work is involved, you should always remember you are representing your company and act accordingly.
  • If you are going to post photos, ask permission! Not everyone is happy to have their picture plastered over social media, so make sure you check with them whether they are happy for you to do so.
  • Remember, to enjoy it! Just… not like you would at your 18th or back in your University days…


Social Media is not a bad thing. It’s what we do with it that matters. The office party might feel like a safe place to let your hair down and relax, but it only seems that way. You’re still a contractor, an employee or a boss, and people are watching you every step of the way, phones poised to record the event for all time.

So, have fun, enjoy yourself, but be aware of what and who is around you. Christmas parties may only last for a short while, but they can have a huge impact on your working and personal life. So, keep out of the Christmas social media dog house this year. Have a good one!

Peter Jones is Business Development Manager here at Sternberg Reed, handling our social media . If you’ve had issues during the festive period and need some advice, then Sternberg Reed Business and Employment department could help you, click HERE

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This article does not constitute legal advice and you should contact us directly if you are facing a similar situation.

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