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Family Mediation

We have a dedicated microsite with a wealth of information for all your Family Mediation needs. To access the site please click on the link below.

Family Mediation Solicitors

Family Mediation is a quick and effective way of resolving disputes which arise from relationship breakdown.  With the help of a qualified specialist mediators, clients can achieve agreement on all issues in dispute.

Mediation can deal with issues relating to children, including for example contact with children, residence and relocation.  Mediation can also be used to resolve financial issues relating to relationship breakdown including maintenance for children and/or former partner, property disputes and pensions.

The common issues which need to be resolved when considering children include:

  • Where the children will live
  • How and when they have contact with their parents
  • How they spend holidays, birthdays and other special occasions
  • On-going communication between parents regarding the children
  • Issues relating to schooling
  • Child maintenance

Common issues which arise relating to property and finance are: –

  • What to do with the former family home
  • Pensions
  • Second homes
  • Interest in business
  • Bank accounts/Shares/ISAs/PEPs

Family Mediation can be used whether you were married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting.

Our Family Mediators are trained and accredited by the Family Mediators Association and/or Resolution and are skilled at assisting clients communicate effectively to resolve all issues in dispute. Generally matters discussed in mediation are confidential which allow clients to discuss issues freely and openly.

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5th August 2019

Bill of Costs Set Aside

Stuart Waters (Head of Costs) in conjunction with Jane Morel (Head of Private Client and appointed Deputy) make successful submissions to Luton County Court to have set aside the provisional assessment of a Bill of Costs served directly on the...

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2nd August 2019

Coroner’s Inquest finds Neglect

A recent Coroner’s Inquest finds neglect, concluding that a baby died as a result of serious failings at Basildon Hospital in 2018. These failings included bed shortages, delay in a caesarean section resulting in a breech birth, staffing...

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Saturday Legal Clinic

Our Saturday Legal Clinic is open every Saturday from 9am to 1pm at our Romford and Barking offices. As Solicitors in Romford and Barking we want to ensure every potential client has the opportunity to have a free 15 minute consultation with a lawyer.

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