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Dee Kaur

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Dee Kaur

Associate Solicitor

Dee is an Associate Solicitor and Team Leader of the Criminal Defence Team at our Grays office.

Dee is a qualified duty solicitor at both the Magistrates Court and the Police Station.  She was initially a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives but then qualified as a Solicitor in 2004.

Dee has over 20 years’ experience of representing clients facing criminal litigation allegations.  During this time, she has been involved in the preparation of serious and complex criminal cases involving multi-million drug supply cases, murders, conspiracies, rape and other serious sexual offences, assaults and sham marriage conspiracies.

Dee prepares cases as a litigator in the Magistrates Court, the Youth Court and the Crown Court and she has experience in the full range of criminal litigation allegations including road traffic, public order offences, sexual offences, dishonesty offences and drug related allegations. She has represented clients being prosecuted by the Local Authority and many other prosecution agencies such as the RSPCA and benefit fraud agencies.

Dee has particular expertise in dealing with youths appearing before the Youth Court including clients who face charges of serious sexual assaults and even murder.

Dee has considerable homicide experience having represented male and female clients arrested for murder whose ages range from 15 years upwards.  Her experience in this field of criminal law includes death by dangerous driving cases, group murder and assault allegations which subsequently led to the death of the victim.  On occasion, Dee has obtained a complete acquittal to a murder charge (self-defence/intervening to stop an assault) and on many occasions a partial defence success leading to a conviction for the client for lesser offences than murder such as manslaughter. Dee also represented a client who was charged with attempted murder but was ultimately convicted of Grievous Bodily Harm.

Dee has obtained numerous acquittals for clients in grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, robbery, rape and other serious sexual offences trials. Dee has also acted for numerous security staff where again acquittals have been obtained for clients.  In one such case, a Senior SIA Official was called to give evidence regarding the SIA training and procedure policy.

Notable Cases

R –v- DJ

This was the largest ever Essex Police investigation into the murder of Danielle Jones.

R –v- BS

Dee’s client was a preacher who was charged with arranging numerous sham marriages and pleaded guilty to a limited number of offences.

R –v- SO

Dee’s client faced allegations of facilitating breaches of UK Immigration laws.  The client was acquitted after a seven-day Crown Court trial.

R –v- JR

Dee’s client was acquitted of both murder and grievous bodily harm. The other co-defendants were convicted and received substantial terms of imprisonment.

R –v- CC

Dee’s client was acquitted of two rape allegations after a lengthy Crown Court trial.

R –v- JC

Dee’s client was charged with witness intimidation    and was acquitted after a lengthy Crown Court trial.

R –v- MG

Dee’s security doorman client was acquitted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after a successful half time submission of no case to answer was upheld by the trial Judge.

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